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Alkhier Food
Since 1982


Alkhier Food Group

Al-Khier Food Group is one of the leading companies that manufactures’, supplies and distributes premium food products in Europe. Management headquarter office is located in the capital (Amsterdam), where it provides each of companies, food stores, supermarkets, and major shopping centers located in Europe as well as the world countries with hundreds of premium food products all which fall under a group of remarkable well-known brands.

We are proud of exceeding forty years of steady and hard work history of experience, with our modern management and highly coordinated organizational structure which consists of specialized multinational members, skillful and qualified sales teams distributed throughout the European and world cities and countries, performing on the highest level of professionality. We are keen to building a good reputation in all our transactions and earning trust of our dear clients and all stakeholders.

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We are an industry professional in making premium Arabic sweets and premium chocolate wide in variety. Freshly packed premium coffee, and a vast range of the roasted and unroasted premium nuts which is packed with the latest European packing technology that ensures highest quality. Snacks such as biscuits, croissants and cakes with various delicious fillings, jelly and marshmallows in several flavors, natural potato and corn chips, and various kinds of refreshing fruit juices, all top quality. We are pleased to launch our website, created by a group of European and Arab expertise, in desire of allowing a quick and easy access to our services and products available. We hope that we will achieve the maximum benefit to all business parties at this time of modern era, which is ruled by technology.

Mission & Vision

Direct interaction with
customers to meet
their needs.

Fulfill our clients’ needs optimally in their diversity, by providing the best products and continuing to offer the best price and a world – class standards quality, we strive to develop our service’ aspects and improve customer satisfaction. To be one of the best international leading companies of food industry, by adhering to the international quality standards, maintain an accurate delivery service, continuously empower our sales and technical support teams to embody growth mindset.

Best food products with a guarantee of 40 years of experience We provide the best food products to our clients in the terms of health, quality and good taste.
We have a wide assortment including hundreds of premium food & beverage items and a vegeterian products, all with an oriental taste.
HQ located in Netherlands, supplying 100's of sales points in 25 countries in Europe as well as in America and Iraq, serving millions consumers around the world.
B2B Clients
We are proud of succeeding in serving our retailers and believe that this is a crucial issue to keep our leading position on the international markets.